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.can atlanta be in premier league 2015+ of pro-youth collaboration capitals??..




Thursday, January 8, 2015

Millennials Partners in Nursing

Could this be the most scaleable an gamechabging millennials network in 2015's year of sustainabilty? Other nominations welcome

Here is part of our reasoning on if we cant scale milennials around global social health, where can we first get movement on the road to Atlanta

May PreSummit-Regular - email version (1).pdf May PreSummit-Regular - email version (1).pdf, 311 KB ... discussion
...May 2015..Millennials top 30 collaboration capitals in global social

Notte Shared with online forum


Many of my family's friends in journalism, social valuation models and education have been inviting partnerships in nursing for over a decade now. At the time i was a volunteer moderator of emotional intelligence contributions to knowledge networking across European Union knowlegdboard. Quite the most exciting practice community I could find with my roots in London emerged from what nurses want to do next as the soul of the national health system

Consequently Glasgow's brainstorming with Muhammad Yunus in 2008  which our family's foundation contributed $50000 to on how it could most help led to partnerships in nearly free nursing colleges being planted at Grameen's head office in Dhaka. Since becoming US based our small contributions have involved converging health millennials on Atlanta 2 huge events this year -specifically on health in May and with nobel peace laureates and 10000 youth in November. If we cant collaboratively link millennials with global social health movements what chance do we have with less obvious social plus service areas such as banking, universities and clean energy

Could you help  improve checklist elements. Links include:

Use every open (society and learning ) method to make costs of becoming trained as a nurse free provided nurse's mission stars with urgently community building - what could the 5 billion person elearning satellite be used for in celebrating this

Ebola (and before that scaling of teaching hospital sat Mirebalais Haiti and out of Rwanda) really has put knowhow of partners in health as the most valuable network in the world of 2015 - but what next: - we have eg the superb ebola audio briefing of kim and farmer made on 9 december in 1000 person webcast but as yet no bookmarked  way to viralise to audiences who could not join live

#2030now Out of DC and Boston linking in womens empowerment, mobile technology and health millennials network is on a tipping point- if you know of other capitals where this is the case I would love to swap details

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015 Can you help us merge and  - wiki
 7 years ago today I was privileged by a first interview with muhammad yunus
Roughly yearly a new revolutionary challenge emerged from what I  could hear from two visits a year to Bangladesh as pivotal to the yunus midset in his universal poverty ending race. As an internationalist scot, I am sure there were biases in my hearing (and in the journal of social business that adam smith scholars co-launched out of University of Glasgow - but if any of these 7 wonders interest you why not linkin and lets start an old fashioned mooc
2007 how could bangladesh enjoy growing up with a giant like china -yunus believed china was brilliant at eg developing meta cities but needed to swap knowhow with bangladesh on how to develop poverty ending vilage networks; the knowledge trade between china and bangladesh could be hugely win-win especially for millennial generation- the first global social business artbership grameen danone trailblazed this idea with nutrional launches into china as well as bangaldesh's famed grameen shokti
2008 could yunus empower youth to change obama and clinton to end wall street's and Swiss Cheese's big brotherdom and secretive 8000 dollar-an-hour lawyers all over the world (hillary and bill had met yunus in bangladesh before bill started his double-presidency; obamas mother had trailblazed womens world banking out of Indonesia in the 1980s - the genes were cross-culturally planted so Yunus dreamed)
2009 could nursing colleges be freed for any girl who wanted to dedicate her life to local health service networking
2010 how many 10 times more economical bottom billion-digitally partnered and women-empowered models are there to joyfully celebrate- bank-a-billion, green-a-billion, market-a-billion-poorest livelihoods,
2011 can millennial friends of yunus twin capitals in a more valuable job creating summit than the olympics or the world cup
2012 who would a millennial most like to mooc with first and lo live her life for eternity with what global social movement
2013 can the last millennium goals summit of 2015 - november atlanta = unite peace and economic and youth champions in peace grows strong intergenerational economies not vice versa -is there a legacy curriculum of mandela capable of uniting 5 hemispheres with worldwide youth?
as I say: contact me if any of these millennial curricula matter to you , or suggest what end of 2014 now leads you to want to question with millennials sans frontieres. Note that the UN has declared 2015 the biggest ever all change world year as it re-edits millennium goals as sustainability goals

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whats YunusOlympics of Jobs Creation

A summit co-shared by youth capitals worldwide aimed at making job creating expos more valuable and timely to millennials than any olympics or sporting world cup?
Diaries at
dc diary 
23 june results with jim kim
unknown date of world bank fall summit ask victoria flamant
atlanta diary
27 sept final rehearsal with yunus  turner family jimmy carter family luther king family- ask dr bhuiyan
cape town diary
mid october 2014 nobel youth summit -ask bhuiyan or david ives
new york diary
week ending 26 september number 1 womens empowerment summit- ask naila for details

help with sustainability curricula of net generation at ;  open education can peacefully end value chaining of worldwide youth - map how to changieterrifying mathematics of too big to fail bankers and the orwellian professions who rule for them at and
who's curricula would you like to see on Khan Academy -  Yunus, Gorbachev,  Soros, Abed, Jim Kim, Joi Ito - other world record job creators -help 20000 youth and nobel Laureates converging on Atlanta Nov 2015 (and cape town 2014) to assemble this.................

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Suspension of Nobel Peace Summit raises economic concerns

Friday 3 October 2014 06:01
Several Nobel Laureates pulled out of the Summit after cancellation of Dalai Lama's trip to SA.(REUTERS)
The Cape Chamber of Commerce says the decision to suspend the 14th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in not likely to improve investor confidence.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille announced the decision to suspend the summit on Thursday.

This after several Nobel Laureates cancelled their participation in the summit which was scheduled to take place this month.

They started pulling out following the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama's cancellation of his trip to South Africa due to problems with his visa.

De Lille has described the suspension of the summit as disappointing.

“President Zuma's government has shamed the legacy of Madiba and it is now clearer than ever that South Africa, under President Zuma, has lost its moral compass and will do anything to appease the Chinese Government, which is a significant supporter of the ANC. We are deeply angry and greatly disappointed that Cape Town will no longer be able to host the event.”

Meanwhile, former President and Nobel Laureate, FW de Klerk, says he'd been looking forward to the day when South Africa would host the event.

“We wanted to share this experience with the world and with our fellow Nobel Peace Laureates in Cape Town - the city in which so many of the momentous events that occurred during the transformation of our society took place. We also wanted to dedicate this Summit to the memory of Nelson Mandela - a man who is perhaps one of the most inspiring examples of the true spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize.”